About Me


I grew up in Ann Arbor and graduated from Pioneer High School and the University of Michigan. I now serve on the city’s Affordable Housing and Human Services Advisory Board. I study urban planning and economics and have written about zoning for a law journal.


I will speak honestly and share my opinions openly. I will respond to your emails, answer your questions, and take your advice seriously.


I moved to the First Ward as a child in 1993 and went to the University of Michigan. My degree was a BGS focused on economics and Russian language. While in college, I interned for the ACLU of Michigan, and for a lawyer who represented police officers in Detroit. After graduating, I started a company that develops and sells zinc oxide sunscreen.

In 2015, The Real Estate Law Journal published a paper I wrote about a new zoning technique I developed.  I also serve on the Housing and Human Services Advisory Board, which advises City Council and Washtenaw County. The board’s mission is to make recommendations to address the needs of low-income Ann Arbor residents.


“I am pleased to support a fresh, new personality who will bring innovative solutions to the city’s problems. Will understands the way city government works, and his keen intelligence will be an asset on counsel.”

-Elizabeth Schwartz, former Ann Arbor City Attorney, and
Assistant State Attorney General.

“Will Leaf is a smart guy who listens to people. Turn over a new Leaf this August.”

-John Roos, owner of RoosRoast Coffee

“Our world is complex. It alienates and isolates. Only community can alter this pattern. As a bookstore owner in Kerrytown, I share memories to ease our community’s journey into the future. I support Will Leaf, because he represents our community’s interests, and not just his own.”

-Jeffrey Pickell, owner of Kaleidoscope Books and Collectibles.